Culture Cinema: Brimstone and Glory

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Peter & Julie Cummings Library
Donahue Community Room

Event Details

Brimstone and Glory       2018     60 minutes

Imagine a fusion of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls and Mardi Gras, with participants dodging fireworks. That describes Mexico's famed National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec.  Now imagine a film that celebrates the energy, danger and technical virtuosity of the artisans who create the centerpieces of the event.  That describes Brimstone and Glory. Three quarters of Tultepec residents work in pyrotechnics and the festival honoring San Juan de Dios (patron saint of fireworks makers) anchors their way of life. Artisans intent on impressing festival-goers spend weeks preparing displays, keenly aware of, but seemingly nonchalant about, the ever-present chance of deadly explosions. Join us immediately following the screening for a community-engaging discussion.

This event is a collaboration with POV, the award-wining independent nonfiction film series on PBS. (

Event Type(s): Movies, Humanities
Age Group(s): Adults
Presenter: Joanne Lupica, facilitator
Cummings staff
(772) 288-2551